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The Centre of Petroleum Information (CPI)
is an educational, hydrocarbon-specific non-profit organisation established to pool expert knowledge and share value-adding information for the benefit of its members and the industry. Registered 12 December 2000, as an association "limited by guarantee," CPI is committed to "creating value through knowledge and network."
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Ignorance Can Be Costly Hence, it is no excuse in a fast-changing industry
The light of knowledge banishes the darkness of ignorance
CPI is glad to supply the light
Join the circle of some of the industry's best-informed experts

Oil and gas business is serious business. Nevertheless, a punch line and a little laugh help. This column is devoted to one-liners that stimulate rethinking or improve your mood. Nineteenth century Friedrich Nietzsche and 16th century William Shakespeare help put wit in proper context with the following words:

Wit is the epitaph of an emotion Brevity is the soul of wit

Enjoy the rest and feel free to send us your favourite quotes and one-liners, preferably, those related to the industry.


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Witty One-Liners
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