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Witty One-Liners

Oil and gas business is serious business. Nevertheless, a punch line and a little laugh help. This column is devoted to one-liners that stimulate rethinking or improve your mood. Nineteenth century Friedrich Nietzsche and 16th century William Shakespeare help put wit in proper context with the following words:

Wit is the epitaph of an emotion Brevity is the soul of wit

Enjoy the rest and feel free to send us your favourite quotes and one-liners, preferably, those related to the industry.

CPI Editor
Skyrocketing oil price has become the new reality
23 Sep 2005 by CPI Editor   Print

Mamdouh Salameh, World Bank consultant
Slowdown in oil production and current price fluctuations may be the preamble to the ‘final energy crisis'.
27 Feb 2005 by CPI Editor   Print

Lord Curzon (at end of World War II)
The Allies floated to victory on a sea of oil
27 Feb 2005 by CPI Editor   Print

President Bill Clinton
The Asian Boxing Day Tsunami is a humbling human experience
06 Feb 2005 by CPI Editor   Print

CPI Editor
Petroleum is the lifeblood of modern civilisation and would remain so for a long time
03 Dec 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

Liz Bossley (CEAG Consultants)
When it comes to financing oil and gas projects, there is no free lunch but there may be a better restaurant
03 Nov 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

William Blake
Energy is Eternal Delight
30 Sep 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Oil Minister
The world is better off to depend on the Gulf: that is where God has put those reserves
30 Jul 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Oil Minister
My firm belief is that the last barrel of oil produced is going to be from Saudi Arabia
30 Jul 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

Thomas Howard
Oil markets are global while gas markets are continental
05 Jun 2004 by CPI Editor   Print

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